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Team Transformation

Team Transformation is a specific, complex and highly rewarding process for every team that wants to achieve grateness.

It starts with a team diagnostic to have a collective understanding of where the team is, followed by a Transformation Plan and ongoing working sessions in the following months with the team, to course correct. In about six months, we assess what has been transformed in the team, celebrate it and empower the team to continue its path to greatness. The 4 Stages below describe the process in more detail.

1 Aware

We support the team with a validated team diagnosing tool, that would serve as the starting point of the team transformation process.

We debrief it with the team in a dedicated workshop, to go deeper into the results and align on where the team wants to go.

2 Advance

Based on the team diagnose and what the team wants and needs to work on, we desing a Transformation Plan for the following months.

The Transformation Plan is very specific to every team, but most important milestones might include some or all of the following:

  • Clarifying Team Purpose & Strategy
  • Establishing Clear Team Norms
  • Setting-up Team Learning Practices
  • Building more Trust and Psychological Safety
  • Increasing Individual Motivation for Team Performance
  • Enable improved Leadership Capabilities
3 Achieve

During this stage, the team members work on their Team Transformation Plan, integrated with their day-to-day business challenges.

The plan is build in a way that supports the team members’ daily activities and challenges, making them more meaningful, efficient and effective. It’s not a paralell process that would burden the team, but on the contrary. It brings more meaning, joy, efficiency and results.

Our role here is to have regular working sessions with the team to help it stay on course or adjust it, if necessary.

In many cases, we would work not only with the team, but also with the leader, to accelerate the process of achieving the intended

4 Assess

After approximately six months we assess the team’s status by measuring the progress and continue or adjust the plan.

If you are interested in your own Team Transformation process to achieve greatness, please engage with us.

Leaders Development

A team to become great, needs a great leader.
No team can go through its transformation from good to great, without the active involvement of its leader.

Based on worldwide research, a significant percentage of the team members’ engagement depends on the team leader. Baring such a big influence, it is paramount for the leader to understand, clarify and execute his or her role optimally.

Many leaders got in this position by being technically better than others in their field of activity. But running a team is pretty much different than running an activity or performing a task and learning by doing is a very costly approach to close the gap.

Almost any leadership development process needs a better self-awareness at the starting point, followed by a better understanding
of the team as an entity and of team members as individuals. Our work with the leader tackles all these.

By closely working with the leader in one-to-one sessions, he or she will have more clarity on:

  • his or her role and influence in the team;
  • how he or she can lead the team better towards greatness;
  • how to manage himself or herself better along the way.

If you are interested in a developing your leadership capabilities for better managing a great team, please engage with us.

Organizational Transformation for Team of Teams

The level of complexity and unpredictability in business is rising high each day. The larger the organization, the more difficult to bring clarity about the direction and decisions and to implement them in a timely manner.

We built many organizations for efficiency, but what we need to add is flexibility. Doing the right thing needs to come on top of doing the things right.

We need to design a different solution, one where efficiency is improved, but effectiveness is the focus.

During the pandemic, many teams found their own way to adapt and move forward, but they drifted more apart from the other teams in the organization. Silos, mistrust, conflicting or competing objectives, and a rigid hierarchical structure, all are impeding the organization to stay relevant and thrive.

We can elevate the perspective and build a more effective system, the organization as a ” team of teams”, where the binding forces are:

  • the collective understanding of the entire organizational system and a shared purpose
  • clarity of goals, roles, plans and interdependencies between teams
  • norms of trust and collaboration between teams
  • lateral communication and interaction.
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