Because we love learning and sharing, we pulled together an essential collection of resources to boost inspiration in building great teams and outstanding organizations.

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For Teams

"I have no question that when you have a team, the possibility exists that it will generate magic, producing something extraordinary. But don't count on it."

J. Richard Hackman
Team Transformation is a specific, complex, and highly rewarding process for every team that wants to achieve greatness. We have gathered a library of key resources to support the teams in their transformation process.



"Your Title Makes You a Manager. Your People Make You a Leader."

Bill Campbell

No team can go through its transformation without the active involvement of its leader. It is paramount for the leader to understand, clarify and execute his or her role optimally. Here are some useful books, articles and podcasts that can help leaders understand their role in the team and develop their leadership capabilities.


Motivation & Change

"You do not rise to the level of your goals. You fall to the level of your systems."

James Clear

There is no doubt that real change causes us to feel uncomfortable, getting in direct conflict with our natural tendency to feel comfortable. However, no matter how messy it can get, we cannot grow without it. We need a particular mindset to embrace change, to find and hold on to our motivation and a good system to make it work.

We pulled together an essential collection of resources to get inspired from and help you build your own system for change.

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